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Editing Your Settings

Personal Settings


  • This is your Email Address and should correspond to your official University Email


  • This will decide what your portfolio URL is. If your School Code is EDS and your username is chrisuthe your portfolio url is /p/eds/chrisuthe

First Name

  • Self Explanatory?

Last Name

  • See above.

Password / Confirm Password

  • Initially blank when you load the setting screen, leave blank to keep your current password on Save, fill in to change your password.
  • Currently there are no restrictions on Passwords, that is set to change.

Profile Pic

  • This is loaded automatically based on your Email address from Gravatar. If you do not have a Gravatar associated with your email on file a generic one will be used.


  • We've put in various tooltips throughout the site(and are still adding more). "Show" makes them pop up and give you tips. "Hide" Doesn't annoy you with tips.

Email Notifications

  • "On" to get an email each time someone messages you, "off" to not get any emails.

Portfolio Settings

Portfolio Theme

  • You can change the look and feel of your portfolio in just one click!! From wild to mild, choose one that fits you.
  • Some schools may have one or more special theme available only to them that is represents your school.

Portfolio Visibility

  • "Public" Shows your portfolio to anyone who knows the address
  • "Private" Shows your portfolio to only those who are logged in and from your school.
    • When "Private" is selected your Pages menu displays an extra option titled "Portfolio Access Email" you can use it to send an email to someone to allow them to view your portfolio.

Pages Menu WHen Private Portfolio is set to True

Potfolio Social Media

  • Show or Hide Social media tie-ins on your portfolio pages (Twitter, Facebook and Gooogle+)

Editing Your Portfolio

Adding/ Removing/ Re-Ordering Pages

Editing Pages: WYSIWYG Editor

Working With Pictures

Working With Other Uploads

Working With Math Equations

  • This Feature is not yet implemented.

Embeding YouTube or other Video Files

Copying in generated HTML=

Copying from Microsoft Word

Adding Students

Working With Templates

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