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This roadmap is an approximation of our projected features and version numbers. We can't promise to stick to it: we may have to drop features from a version or add others.

1.2.5 (Depreciated)


  • Add Ability to Make Portfolio Private


  • Fix password Resetting Issue

1.3 (Depreciated)


  • “I forgot my Password” : Users can now have their passwords reset and sent to them by the system.
  • “Portfolio Access Email” : This Option on the “Pages” Dropdown is now available to send a special link to someone to view your portfolio even when it’s set to “Private”. Getting_Started:_Students#Portfolio_Visibility
  • “Portfolio Social Media” : This option on the ‘settings’ page will disable the “Social media” bar on all themes. Getting_Started:_Students#Potfolio_Social_Media
  • The Main Menu bar will be there on the front-facing pages of EdSolio's webpage now when you're logged in, this means you don't have to log back in.
  • New theme "Swirls" is now available.


  • Fixes Viewing Templates



  • Apply a template to an existing User
  • Messages are now Comments and are page-based vs ad-hoc between two people.
  • Personal Settings and Portfolio Settings are now separate menu items.
  • The "?" Help menu was added. Clicking the "?" On a page takes you to the wiki page for that page, the menu links to the homepage of the wiki.
  • You can now mark a Portfolio as "reviewed" as a faculty, and filter by reviewed/un-reviewed.
  • Added ability to add 'Tags' to pages
  • Added ability to add 'Meta Descriptions' to pages.

1.5 Live


  • Export your Portfolio from EdSolio for archiving or alternative hosting

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Themes to allow 100% width in main content area

Features With No Version Attached

These Features are acknowledged but not yet assigned a version number.

  • Integrate a one-click youtube add on for WYSIWYG editor.
  • Integrate a Math equation editor into the WYSIWYG editor, preferably LaTeX compatible.
  • Upgrade CK Editor and CK Finder
  • Auto-detect Mobile devices and present a mobile-friendly theme to them.
  • Portfolio Directory
  • Allow Users to upload an Avatar vs using Gravatar
  • Add Easy Portfolio Searching.
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