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Personal Settings

This page allows you to change your personal settings within EdSolio

Found Within Menu:



  • This is your Email Address and should correspond to your official University Email


  • This will decide what your portfolio URL is. If your School Code is EDS and your username is chrisuthe your portfolio url is /p/eds/chrisuthe

First Name

  • Self Explanatory?

Last Name

  • See above.

Password / Confirm Password

  • Initially blank when you load the setting screen, leave blank to keep your current password on Save, fill in to change your password.
  • Currently there are no restrictions on Passwords, that is set to change.

Profile Pic

  • This is loaded automatically based on your Email address from Gravatar. If you do not have a Gravatar associated with your email on file a generic one will be used.


  • We've put in various tooltips throughout the site(and are still adding more). "Show" makes them pop up and give you tips. "Hide" Doesn't annoy you with tips.

Email Notifications

  • "On" to get an email each time someone messages you, "off" to not get any emails.
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