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Adding a Student

When adding a single student manually you'll be asked for some information:


Selecting "Yes" will charge your account for a new student activation, and the student will get a welcome email and can begin editing immediately.

Selecting "No" will add the student but will not charge your account or allow the student to login until you manually activate them at a later date.


Your School


The student's email will be used as their login as well as the primary means of contact by the EdSolio System.

First Name

Students First Name

Last Name

Students Last Name

Password & Confirm Password

EdSolio generates and emails a password to your student automatically. To use the generated password leave these boxes as is. Optionally you can fill in a password which will also be emailed to your student.

Portfolio Visibility

Set your student's portfolio to be visible to the outside world or not.

Portfolio Social Media

Turn off social media links on your students portfolio at creation time.

Portfolio Template

Select a portfolio template you'd like applied to your student's portfolio at creation.

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